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Create New Opportunities

Please answer questions below as it applies to your company so that we can better understand your needs. The more comprehensive your descriptions, the better!

If you have more than one service offering that has different demographics, please provide individual responses. E.g. 1) In-house consulting, 2) Peer advisory, 3) Workshops, 4) Webinars etc.

Do you have a Marketing Budget?

Not sure? Click here for an assessment!

Do you have a Sales Navigator Subscription?

Your campaign essentials include the following:

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistants

  • Lead Generation using the MATRIX 7-Step Process

  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns

  • Circle of Influence (COI) Campaigns - Building your Professional Referral Network

  • Nurturing and Scheduling Introduction Calls with Qualified Prospects

Check the following add-on you might be interested in:
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