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At Matrix Business Resource, Inc. we partner with our clients to provide professional, practical marketing solutions that help your business stand out among the competition and get the right attention from the audiences that matter. We work collaboratively with you to solve difficult business problems, as we focus on meeting your diverse objectives. WE CONNECT THE DOTS!


Virtual Assistance & Appointment Setting

Are you a Peer Group Advisor, Facilitator, Consultant or Group Chair in need of administrative support and  help to build and grow your client base? If the answer is “Yes” we can help you!


Matrix Business Resource, Inc. has been providing virtual assistance for group builds’ since 2003. We have a proven track record of results and success, having helped literally hundreds of facilitators and Chairs build their first group and/ or add new members to an established group. We set the stage and make the process easier so our clients can focus on what is most important... their members and helping them grow and manage their businesses.


We turn cold leads into warm prospects for you to close!

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Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Strategy


LinkedIn Campaigns

LinkedIn is one of the most important components of your professional brand on the internet. Whether you’re looking to build leads or grow your professional audience,  investing in a LinkedIn campaign will increase your ROI.


We work with you to set up a campaign that is effective at bringing traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. Using proprietary techniques that perfectly merge automation with personal touch, many of our clients have seen incredible growth within their network in a matter of months. We work with you to identify your ideal clients so that you will always speak to the prospect that is right for you.


It’s your opportunity to market to the world's largest professional audience.


We don’t purchase leads from outside sources, instead we use a blend of data that we acquire from various sources by implementing our proprietary MATRIX 7-Step Lead Generation Process™. Our leads are generated by utilizing different sources such as business directories, Chambers of Commerce, public governmental data and information that companies use for their SEO.

We then nurture the targeted list of prospects by building relationships with individuals who are not currently ready to commit to your services right now… but may be an ideal client down the road. We do this by educating and building awareness of your organization and its service offerings using your content, building trust and making it more likely to choose you when they are ready to buy.

Benefits Include:

Build your professional identity on the web.

Build and maintain a large trusted professional network.

Search for and view profiles of other LinkedIn members.

Network to other professionals within your industry.

Identify and connect to leads in your prospective area.

Use a proprietary process where we automate your outreach and have an assistant step in when a response is initiated by a lead.

Peer Advisory Board & CEO Advisory Board Support Services
LinkedIn Campaigns
Lead Generation & Database Management

Event Marketing

Marketing an event can be challenging; that’s why we are here! We take the hard work out of getting you qualified prospects: 


We start with the basics and first determine your ideal demographic and generate leads for you. 

We then create an invitation that fits your brand and event details.

We assign you an assistant to follow up with your prospects.

We qualify your prospects.

We schedule appointments in your calendar and registrations to live or virtual events. 

We hand over to you. . . warm, interested prospects for you to close.

Event Marketing & Appointmen Setting

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool when nurturing prospects that provides your business the ability to reach customers with a compelling message whether the strategy is to provide prospects an informational email, request a meeting or attend a virtual or live event. Creating a sound email marketing strategy will help your company reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase your sales at an affordable cost.

Email Marketing

Sales Training & Development

We can help you engage the interested decision makers, at the right time, every time!

We offer sales training and coaching to help you...


Pitch your solution

Create a sense of urgency

Overcome their objections

Ask for the sale

Close the deal

Pause. Think. Focus. WIN!

Sales Training & Development

Logo Design, Social Media Configuration, & Web Design

Your revived online presence is right at your fingertips! From custom logo design, to striking websites, to social media account configuration and template creation, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about signature branding offerings available for your business!

Meeting Between Colleagues
Website & Logo Design
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